Hi, I'm John Stimac!

I have Bachelor's in Computer Science from Purdue University. I like programming for the web and exploring the intersection of art and technology.

My professional development experience consists primarily of web application development and API design.

Below you can find a short (but by no means exhaustive) list of some projects I've worked on.


Untitled Platformer (wip)

2016 - present

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I'm currently working on a roguelike-platformer game written in C++. It will feature heavy use of story elements and procedurally generated content.

Planet Generator


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Planet Generator is a little script to generate gas giant atmosphere textures. The demo shows them mapped to a sphere, cause planets are round.

Square Cities


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Square Cities uses procedual generation to create a city of roads and buildings.

Golf Game


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Golf game is a small project I have been working on to impliment a mini golf video game using WebGL.

Lines and Circles


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Lines and Circles is an interactive experiment in procedurally generated art.



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Waterall explores using technology to create moving art.